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You can contact me at the following address, after getting rid of the "REMOVETHIS" word:

Why so complicated? Well, it's for avoiding spam, all this junk-mail messages telling you how to make money fast and stuff like that. People who send spam use (amongst others) robot programs that automatically collect all email addresses visible on a web page, putting them in the lists of addresses to which they send all their junk. Once you get in one of those lists, there's no way to avoid spam except by changing your email address, which is something pretty annoying.

So, in order to avoid this i use a common practice which is "disguising" your email address like i do above, so that a human can easily understand the trick and obtain the real email address, but a robot most likely cannot. If you're interested in the subject, you can read more about this anti-spam technique.
Last updated 4-September-2008

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