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I was born on 1977 in Barcelona. I had a very good childhood (as far as i can remember) and was lucky to know all of my grandparents alive. I went to school at Sant Francesc (1st - 5th EGB) and at the Escola del Carme (6th - 8th EGB), both of them in the Les Corts neighbourhood in Barcelona. At the time i had the chance to practice two of my favorite sports: basketball (in EIE Les Corts) and handball (in the Escola del Carme team). It is sad that i never had a decent enough level to keep playing more seriously, but it was the seed for what would be one of my great hobbies later: the sports world.

Later on i studied BUP and COU (kind of high school) in the └usias March school, also in Les Corts but almost outside Barcelona. In that period i started getting interested in the world of basketball, helping my brother by doing the stats for the female Cadet team (14 years old), and learning a lot at his side. I also got my first season ticket for the Espanyol football club, at age 16.

When the time came for choosing my university studies, i decided to go for a Telecommunication Engineering Diploma at the EUPBL in Sant Just (now EPSC), which belongs to the UPC, the Technical University of Catalunya. I am very proud of the education received at this university, but halfway through my career i realised i had probably mistaken the choice since i was more interested in Computer Science than in Telecommunication. By the way, it was in my first university year in 1995 that i discovered the Internet and got my first email address ( if i recall correctly), which wasn't all that common in this country by that time.

Also during that university period i started coaching basketball in my local neighbourhood club, Club Joventut Les Corts. I've got great memories from this time, because i got the chance to meet a lot of interesting people, make quite a few friends and foremost live the basketball world with great intensity. After assisting my brother with the female Junior team, i became the assistant coach of the male Junior team (17 years old) coached by "Jimmy Jimwood" Dani, and finally i was the head coach of the male Infantil team (13 years old). That was my first and last team as a head coach, because i sadly had to quit basketball for time constraints after two seasons with that team.

In order to graduate i had to do the "End of Career Project", for which i was lucky to meet an excellent teacher called Joan Manuel Marquesa, who introduced me to the wonderful world of Linux, as well as Apache and Perl. And it was because of my experience in this project that one week after finishing college i was hired to work on iAgora, the site for international people. In this job i lived a fantastic two years and a half, where i had the chance to grow as a professional, make a lot of friends around the world and even travel to New York where i lived a gorgeous, unforgettable experience for two months.

But everything in this life comes to an end, so after clearly realizing that i needed a change, in 2001 i left the job for a sabbatical period, parlty for rest but mostly in order to recycle myself (from programmer to systems administrator) and to do a lot of things i had been postponing too much (like getting my driving license, or writing this website :). After the sabbatical was over, by the end of 2002 i took a job as a sysadmin in a local ISP named Singular Web. I stayed at this job for four years and a half and there were good and bad times, but mostly I remember getting a lot of experience because of the need to do a bit of all: from helpdesk to level 3 support, servers management or being responsible for any tech decision.

On April 2007, I decided to switch jobs because I was offered the possibility of joining the Alba Synchrotron, a very important scientific project (first particle accelerator in Spain) that is currently being built in Cerdanyola near the UAB university. Here is where I'm currently working, in the Systems section which belongs to the Computing division.
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